Web Design & DevelopmentAt Web Ninja HQ, our world revolves around WordPress. We provide support and we can help you troubleshoot problems that crop up along the way. Do it right, and you’ll encourage prospective customers to contact your practice. Do it wrong, and it could be a costly mistake. We can help you create an engaging site through our design services and ongoing maintenance plans.

We create custom WordPress websites for business of all sizes.

Since 2009, over 1,000 small to medium size business have trusted Web Ninja HQ for their online marketing needs. We combine over a years of marketing experience with website design expertise to bring you the ideal online marketing solution. You get websites and integrated marketing strategies that actually attract new customers to your business. View our gallery and see what Web Ninja HQ can do for you!

Web Design Solution for Every Business

Our Web Ninja HQ team brings years of experience and expertise ensuring our clients quality results from start to finish. We know how important it is to stay in touch and provide access for when you have questions about your site progress and ongoing maintenance requirements, this is why customer service is the cornerstone of our business.

Small to Medium Sized Business to Appeal to Customers.

If you are amongst the people who are just getting started on WordPress you might like others do find it overwhelming. There is so much to to learn, and the complex documentation at WordPress.org will have you spinning in circles in no time. The information provided is more for the “technical” lot, and which is why average people need to go elsewhere for guidance.

Once you have settled in your next big issue will be web design. The web designing and development industry has been booming in recent years, reason being people rather hire a professional then spend hours learning how to.

Which is where website design professional teams come in. For years now they have been taking care of people’s design needs, providing them with WordPress design services. With years of experience in the field there are designers who still make the basic mistakes. Such as highlighting the person rather than the business. It is not about promoting one’s self when it comes to business. Which is why we have professionals that do not make such basic mistakes.

Ask these question to yourself:
Is your website on the top pages on Search Engines?
The higher your ranking will be, the higher your visitors per day count will be.
Would someone click on your link from a search result page?
The small paragraph that appears under the link of your website, needs to be rich and inviting.
Does your website make a good first impression?
The first impression is the last impression, as 90% of the users’ judge websites by their design layout.
Does it Educate visitors?
Make sure that your website offers full in depth detail of the services you offer.
Is your website design mobile friendly?
Most people forget that 70% of internet users use their smartphones to access websites. Which is why you need a well laid out mobile-friendly website design.
We are clear on the end result and the clear picture, which is why we have a slick, professional vibe about our website. We understand that the first impression of websites, can make or break your career. The website design needs to be appealing to the targeted audience, and must be easy to use. When thinking about website and their usage keep in mind that you want to ensure a good surfing experience for visitor.

Work for it!

No matter what field you come from, there is a design out there with your website’s name on it. All you have to do is work for it. There is something for everyone from businesses to personal coaches. Building a website with considerations in mind is what will set you apart from others. The key is to attract new visitors, while ensuring that the old ones keep coming back for more.

Which is why we provide you with features that will help your website attract more visitors, and grow your following. This is how typical projects start and finish:


Research, Strategize, and Review

No matter what the size of the project is, it is always best to research your competition, target audience, and tending designs.

CSS, Markup, and Interaction

This is what sets you apart from basic and typical designed websites. Add it in moderate quantity, as quality is key.


Not every project requires the same kind of overview; every page is unique and should be treated differently.

Test and Improve

A last test run, to ensure all the button are working and all the data is in its place.

Look and Feel

How does it look and feel? To know if all the elements are adding up together is a point. As this is the main point of breakage.


Finally, your website is ready to launch in its full form.

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